Who is MacQuillie ?

 Macquillie is an artist who uses his music as a canvas to showcase his struggles and the strength that transpired from them . A poet , song writer an all around performer with a great power to captivate an audience and hold ones attention with usages of clever lines and detailed account of experiences full of passion and personality. His desire to make music that the each and every different individual can relate to Leads him to not being easily labeled in just one genre.

  “I don't like to be label or limit myself to one genre I enjoy music and making music that people can relate to.”

 He was introduced to music at a young age which allowed him to get the opportunity to open up for artist like ,LIL Boosie 8Ball & MJG , Murphy Lee , King Louie , Jamie Foxx , Bone Crusher , Lil Flip , Bone Thugs & etc.

Being introduced to music at a young age only allowed me to grow musically as I grew mentally.

 “I'm  truly passionate about my craft therefore I give my all in every song expressing a wide range of emotions to give a better understanding of who MacQuillie really is.”
I STRONGLY encourage you to get acquaintedwith this artist and develop you our personal relationship and your own understanding of who The MAN is behind the artist that is MacQuillie.

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